Smart, future-proof and sustainable logistics solutions

Looking for a sustainable logistics and freight solution to reduce carbon emissions? At AGESIA, we strive hard to contribute to a more eco-friendly aerospace, road and rail transport. Our new production technology and thermoplastic composite products enable you to construct lightweight, strong ánd recyclable transportation equipment.

On our way to sustainable freight transportation

AGESIA is a newly founded Belgian company that belongs to De Roeve Industries. For over 30 years, De Roeve Industries has been developing high-tech automation solutions for industrial manufacturing and processing companies. Driven by this long-time experience and eager to decrease the carbon footprint, AGESIA is more prepared than ever to create customised sustainable logistics solutions.

About Agesia


AGESIA develops high-performance production technology to manufacture thermoplastic composite products and systems. Our dedicated team covers the full process, from the feasibility study up to the technology level needed for serial production.

AGESIA helps to reach sustainability goals in the transportation, aerospace, automotive and marine industry. Our production technology and products are suitable to construct heavy transportation equipment (e.g. trailers, ISO containers, chassis for electrical vehicles or transportation tooling).

To construct our panels and beams, we work with glass fibre / PA-6 organosheets. This material is the perfect alternative to thermosets thanks to its outstanding characteristics: affordable, light, strong, transformable, fully recyclable and resistant to high temperatures, fire and corrosion.

By reducing weight and by developing recyclable systems, we want to reduce carbon emissions and pave the way for more sustainable logistics systems.

AGESIA is a composition of the words ‘agile’ and ‘Fargesia’:

  • We rely on fibres and resins which are highly agile and flexible.
  • We are fascinated by Fargesia (bamboo), one of nature’s most sophisticated structures.

We value long-term collaborations greatly. To mastermind sustainable logistics, transportation and shipping methods, we strongly believe in co-creation based on a continuous customer and user input.

At AGESIA, we combine various assets to turn every project into a success:

  • existing aerospace production technology
  • a vast experience in dynamically loaded composite structures
  • newly developed production equipment
  • the application of new materials

Want to move forward towards a more sustainable logistics system?

AGESIA develops the production technology and thermoplastic products to make this happen.

Let’s collaborate!