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  • Companies in search of a solution specifically using TPC
  • Companies that need a solution for a challenge or in order to reach a goal, that requires a radical change in the choice of materials

A gamechanger in shifting roadtraffic to rail

Replacement of heavy metal floor constructions by a completely new structure. Our panels provide structure to the floor, making the old heavy metal supporting structure redundant. In short, we do not just add floor elements, instead we replace the entire structure.

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Design of a new swap floor for intermodal 45′ curtain side container


Re-engineering the existing swap floor for a major actor in rental, trading and consulting for the intermodal transport, modal shift and mobile storage.

Agesia solved the persistent equation between loading capacity and maximum weight by replacing steel with structural thermoplastic composites, saving 1 ton at maximum loading height, while loading 2 extra pallets.

Thanks to our closed loop development method, the design time is reduced from several years to a maximum of one year.

Extensive testing in our own test environment


Sag freely test 1.5R (52 ton)

Local impact
The compression test with a steel pallet cart wheel show that the panel can easily withstand the prescribed load of 7 kN and only collapses at 25 kN.
Water absorption
After 30 hours in water at 60 degrees, tests show only negligible water absorption and loss of strength, which simulates the undiminished quality in approximately 20 years of harsh weather conditions.

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Pick-up floor


Johns Manville, Agesia, and Aerlyte won the 2023 People’s Choice Award at the SPE ACCE Conference in Novi, MI, celebrating their innovation in the automotive industry.

The collaboration revolutionizes the automotive construction using Neomera PA-6 organosheets integrated into a thermoplastic composite sandwich panel.

Johns Manville’s proprietary organosheet technology, combining surface-activated glass fabric and polymerised PA-6 (AP nylon), forms impeccable Neomera PA-6 organosheets. Agesia utilises these sheets for sandwich panel floors, significantly reducing weight while enhancing load-bearing capacity.

The award-winning collaboration between Johns Manville, Agesia, and Aerlyte highlights dedication to innovation and automotive excellence. The 2023 People’s Choice Award at the SPE ACCE Conference underscores their commitment to advancing automotive technologies.

  • Reduced Mass: Enhanced fuel efficiency and performance through advanced materials and design.
  • Efficiency in Package Space and Cost: Optimised packaging efficiency, reducing costs and saving space in the supply chain.
  • Increased Cargo Volume: Thoughtful design for larger cargo capacity, adding utility for drivers and businesses.
  • Enhanced Load-Carrying Capacity: Providing the strength for heavier loads without compromising safety.
  • Serviceability: Easy maintenance and repairability for prolonged automotive component lifespan.
  • Exceptional Impact Resistance: AGESIA’s panels ensure robust products that withstand impacts and environmental conditions.

Pick-up floor load and fatigue testing

  • Agesia panel 18mm
  • Load 600 kg
  • >352000 cycles storke 100mm
  • 20 cycles stroke 200mm
  • No damage or plastic deformation

Pick-up floor load Bearing test



1 Ton


2 Ton


3 Ton

  • Perfect linear behaviour
  • No damage
  • No plastic deformation

Composite butterfly covers

The field test with a container with composite covers immediately shows an important advantage of this material. No plastic deformation occurs as a result of vacuum during unloading.

In addition, we can easily and automatically control the opening and closing of the light lids with just a light motor.

Patent pending: WO2022/049305

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