New Materials

new materials and new production processes

New Materials

Development of a structural panel

  • Toughest skin on the market
  • Absolute skin-foam connection, no delamination
  • Very high density foam, higher compression resistance
New Materials

Based on 20 years of experience with thermoset sandwich panels, where the skins were stitched to the foam core so that they could not delaminate, a thermoplastic composite panel was developed, with revolutionary new and patented joining technology.

We develop each panel on behalf of a customer, tailored to the specific needs and properties to be achieved.

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Layers of a structural panel

New Materials


New Materials

New Patented Joining Technology

Covalent Intermediate Bonding – CIB™

Agesia presents a revolutionary new method to connect two Thermoplastic composites and even Thermoplastic composites to metal.

This new invention, CIB™  (Covalent Intermediate Bonding) works on low pressure and low temperature and is capable of connecting vast surfaces.

This method is the base of the development of our strong sandwich panels.

New Materials

Covalent Bond

Faserinstitut Bremen, specialized in tests at the molecule level, states in its test report (AU-211206-8347-1-B1) that CIB™, using IR-Spektroskopie, can no longer be found in the PET-foam or PA-6 matrix. This means there is a covalent chemical bond.

New Materials
New Materials

CIB™ connects PA-6 to Metal

New Materials

Patent pending WO 2023/119127

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